Telidip is a unique query tool that can provide you with on-the-fly information as you need it. Telidip is a restful API that you can use to retrieve the following information:

Carrier Identification Code (CIC) Lookup

Passing the originating number, the destination number, and the LATA that contains the destination number, Telidip will return the CIC of the carrier, the network management threshold, or and possible errors.

Responsible Organization (RespOrg) Lookup

Passing a phone number, Telidip will respond with the RespOrg ID for the given number

Location Routing Number (LRN) Lookup

This function will look look up the LRN for a given phone number and return the LRN with an optional, semicolon delimited SPID.

Caller ID Name (CNAM) Lookup

By passing a phone number, Telidip will return a plain text response with the caller ID name associated with the phone number.

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