Denver, CO – Teliax Inc is proud to announce Jason Cummins as the newest team member to join Teliax’s leadership team as the Senior Vice President of Operations. Cummins joins Teliax with a forward facing approach and a desire to integrate with Teliax’s nimble structure to affect industry change through new products and innovations. Cummins began leveraging his experience at Teliax on January 1, hitting the ground running, opening a new Network Operations Center in the North Dallas metro area. Similar to Denver in its rich telecomm industry, Cummins plans to leverage this large talent pool, in addition to the Denver market,  to continue building a world class operations team.

Cummins, is a hands on technology executive with 20+ years of experience in operations and engineering, overseeing and optimizing state of the art carrier grade network infrastructures across multiple technologies and service delivery platforms. His expertise is utilized in the architecture, design, testing, implementation and day-to-day management and coordination of network elements in conjunction with existing PSTN components and networks. He is specifically responsible for engineering and managing network integrity and ensuring customer satisfaction with the technical/network aspects of all services offered by Teliax. Teliax’s philosophy of building their own products allows them to develop and implement customer solutions quickly and efficiently, allowing Cummins to set goals such as 100% uptime and availability for mission critical services, attempting to exceed the industry’s currently acceptable five nines.

Additionally, Jason is responsible for identifying, and evaluating technology integration and implementation of all processes and procedures as well as customer defined solutions within carrier grade services and continuing to maintain and build software that lives up to the high standard of excellence Teliax is known for throughout the industry.

Cummins stated, “Most companies in our industry are only able to differentiate themselves from the competition with their customer service and customer interactions, at Teliax we are able to offer top of the industry service, plus, nimble solutions through the development of technology solutions and services tailored specifically for our customers.”


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