Starting in 2004, Teliax has been a driver of business success for hosted PBX service and has been at the forefront of providing businesses reliable phone service without the need for an on site Private Branch Exchange. Our focus is to make sure our services are feature rich, stable and scalable; adapting to the needs of our clients.

Businesses come in many shapes and sizes and their needs, and their budgets, vary widely. That is why Teliax is designed to be scalable with you, for businesses 1 to 100,000. Reliable and flexible for what ever your needs are. Teliax is THE low cost provider that allows you to make and manage your calls from any device, anywhere. We provide customizable pricing and services, as well as one amazing, low price, unlimited services plan that gives you exactly what you need from your phone system.

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Trial PeriodFree 30-Day Trial Upon RequestFree 30-Day TrialFree 30-Day Trial
Monthly Contact Based Pricing For 5 Employees$100 / month ($20 / user)$299.95 / month ($59.99 / user)$149.95 / month ($29.99 / user)$199.95 / month ($39.99 / user)
Yearly Contact Based Pricing For 5 Employees$100 / month ($20 / user)$249.95 / month ($49.99 / user)$139.95 / month ($27.99 / user)$199.95 / month ($39.99 / user)
Paid MonthlyMust Pay All 12 Months UpfrontMust Pay All 12 Months UpfrontPaid Monthly
Unlimited US Calls?yesyes1,000 Minutesyes
800 Number?yesyesyesyes
Customer ServiceUS Based Phone, Email, & ChatNot Solely US Based By Phone, Email, and Chat24 Hour Support, US BasedNot Solely US Based By Phone, Email, and Chat

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