Believe in a Better Way

A worldwide leader in telecom excellence and intelligent innovation since 2004, Teliax’s underlying network infrastructure is built to more efficiently route both terminating and originating toll-free services; generating greater impact on our partner’s bottom line. As a registered CLEC with both Feature Group D (FGD) and local interconnect (LIS) tandem trunks in the US, we continue to expand our on-net US footprint and carrier relationships to bring more value and reliability to you and your customers.

Why Teliax Business Solutions Teliax

From the Ground Up

Founder, David Aldworth began working out of his apartment starting in 2004 to create a business class, hosted PBX company when anyone else in VoIP was focused on the residential market. Teliax grew organically, focusing on the product – not just the sale – to make sure our service was always feature rich, stable and scalable. We adapted to the needs of our clients; businesses come in many shapes and sizes and their needs (and budgets) vary widely. We endeavored to provide a first class service that provided exactly what was needed, nothing more and nothing less.

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Continuing Success

That’s still the way it is today. We were one of the first hosted PBX customers to offer phone number coverage in all 50 states. We’ve since expanded to over 60 countries. *Everything* at Teliax was created by our software and network engineers. We do not resell any other provider's platform or off the shelf solution. We maintain complete control over our products and our future, that means peace of mind for our customer.

The Driver’s Seat.