Teliax’s CallAI engine is a revolutionary new way to reduce costs and optimize call quality using the power of Artificial Intelligence. The benefits begin immediately, and the system pays for itself in as little as 30 days.  

AI-empowered Call Routing

How It Works 

Our AI-based routing platform uses Machine Learning algorithms to determine the best routes for each call based on the calling pattern, quality, and completed call history. This happens in real time, and as outbound calling conditions change, CallAI dynamically adapts to ensure that every call is as high-quality and cost-effective as possible.  

The process is as simple as it is effective:  

First, a call is placed by an originating party within your organization.  

Second, CallAI instantly locates the most efficient call route considering up-to-the-second carrier traffic.  

Third, using our proprietary algorithm, CallAI determines the least expensive route while preserving call quality and connection integrity.  

Fourth, the outbound call is placed.  

CallAI sits on top of whatever telephony system you’re already using, and you don’t need to purchase or lease any physical equipment.   

You don’t even need Least Cost Routing (LCR) compatibility to use CallAI. Integration is fast, easy, and requires no downtime.  

Get Started Today 

CallAI benefits your business no matter its size or outbound call volume, and you save money on virtually every outbound call. 

Fixed pricing models are now a thing of the past. Enhance your outbound communications with CallAI and experience the massive benefits now available using advanced AI and Machine Learning.  

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