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Teliax Voice rings the devices you want it too making it easy for important calls to reach you regardless of your location. On the move? transfer your call from your desk to your mobile without dropping the call. Yeah that'll work.

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Yeah, that’ll work.

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No Hassle, hard to figure out price scheme

What you see is what you get. No bull, just fast and easy set up to make calls in minutes. Spend time growing your business, not managing your phone. You shouldn’t have to be in telecom to understand your voice plan and pricing. Professional voice services at an affordable, hassle-free price.

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Manage your phone system like you manage your business using our online web portal, you're the boss. We’re here if you need it, but happy to hand over the keys if you want them. Pay as you go or sign up for our simple, hassle free unlimited plan.

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The Driver’s Seat.

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"With financial traders all over the world, Global Synergy Funds was in search of the most reliable business class host PBX service on the market and we found it with Teliax Business Solutions. Not only that but Teliax offers complete customization, handing us the tools we need for our global contact center, all managed from one intuitive interface. Additionally, their customer service has been bar none. Anytime, we’ve needed a quick answer or solution, we’ve gotten a knowledgable person on the phone to help. Reliable communication is critical to our business success and Teliax is who we trust to make that happen.” - CEO, Global Synergy Funds

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