Tap the Power of Call Data

Quick access to LRN, CNAM, LRN, DNC and other critical call routing and mediation data via simplified AP

Make better decisions, faster with TeliQue from Teliax—the only all-in-one call information aggregator API. 

In the modern era of voice communications, information is power. The more information you have about call activity, the better you can manage and refine customer service and support strategies.  

TeliQue unlocks access to critical, real-time call information, revolutionizing how businesses communicate.  

A New, Data-Rich Paradigm 

Until today, obtaining call-specific Carrier Identification Codes (CIC), Responsible Organizations (RespOrgs), Location Routing Numbers (LRNs), and Caller ID Names (CNAMs) wasn’t possible without significant upfront capital investment and extensive, costly in-house engineering.  

Now, with Teliax’ TeliQue API, detailed call information for every inbound and outbound call can be made instantly available, all thanks to a single, simple, user-friendly RESTful API—configured and executed quickly, reliably, and affordably. 

With TeliQue, integrated call fingerprinting is now a reality.   

Comprehensive, Powerful Simplicity

Everything you need to know about a call is in one place:  

  • CIC: TeliQue returns the CIC of the carrier, the network management threshold, with any possible errors. 
  • RespOrg: Passing a phone number, TeliQue responds with the RespOrg ID for the given number.  
  • LRN: TeliQue looks up the LRN for a given phone number and returns it with an optional, semicolon-delimited SPID. 
  • CNAM: TeliQue returns a plain text response with the caller ID name associated with the phone number. 
  • DNO / DNC (Coming soon): Get Do-Not-Originate and Do-Not-Call information on any phone number for federal compliance.

TeliQue’s native API extensibility allows you to distribute and display this data wherever it’s needed. The result is faster, better-informed decision making that keeps you ahead of the curve.  

To learn more about TeliQue, or to obtain a quote, contact us today.  

TeliQue API Documentation
For the TelQue API documentation, click here

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