Since 2004, Teliax has believed there is a better way and has been at the forefront of providing the most modern implementation of originating and terminating access options in the industry. We’ve built our software from scratch, with forward thinking technologies that “get it”.

Teliax also provides businesses with reliable hosted PBX service without the need for an on-site Private Branch Exchange. Focusing on feature-rich, stable and scalable services. Teliax is reliable and flexible, adapting to the needs of our clients.

Carrier Services

A worldwide leader in voice innovation.

We offer an array of services directly and through our diversified carrier network, for international and domestic carriers.

  • On net/direct route carriers
  • Short duration carriers
  • Alternate tandem access carriers

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Ivy Software

Partner with Success

Ivy is a turnkey, private-label solution that enables resellers and integrators to sell both SIP trunks and Hosted PBX features to their customers. Ivy is unique in that the reseller is able to set prices and create plans while Ivy does all of the billing.

  • Phone, voicemail, fax
  • Domestic and International DIDs
  • Account Portal
  • No contracts
  • Custom packages

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Out of this world.

Toll Free Exchange

The Toll Free Exchange benefits the Resp Org by improving toll free call quality, enabling modern features, bringing the calling and called parties closer together, fighting fraud by improving data transparency, simplifying billing by allowing you to manage fewer vendors and rate combinations, cuts costs AND increases revenue at the same time. With over 4 billion calls already served, The Toll-Free Exchange is changing the way Resp-Orgs do business.

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