Teliax provides telecommunications solutions to the commercial and carrier market that help customers control, scale and add value to their business through the use of our innovative, cloud-based software platforms and next generation network services. 

WARP (Wholesale Accounting, Routing, & Provisioning) | IVY (Private label CPaaaS | IPX (The Toll-Free Exchange | IPES & CLEC Services 

WARP (Wholesale Accounting, Routing, & Provisioning)

Sonus/Ribbon suffers from limited routing options that often just do not reflect the needs of today’s requirements. Teliax understands the problem and has developed the WARP Engine to address the requirements that are needed in today’s environment.

  • Cloud based Policy Routing
  • 8XX Toll-Free Origination
  • 8YY  Toll-Free Termination (reciprocal compensation)
  • US inbound DID
  • US termination (conversational and call-center)

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Carrier Services

Teliax is a nationwide CLEC (OCN 567G) with a Tier1 interconnected, facilities based network. Our subsidiary – Leap Telecom – is an FCC licensed Interconnected VoIP Provider (IPES OCN 616J).

We offer an array of services directly and through our diversified network, for a variety of carriers, MNO’s and service providers.

  • Competitive/Alternate Tandem Homing Service
  • IPX for Toll-Free Peering
  • Wholesale 8XX (PSTN inbound)
  • 8YY compensation (PSTN outbound)
  • Wholesale DID, LD, ILD and SD connectivity
  • Resp Org ID, CIC, LRN and CNAM API service
  • AHT (Access Homing Tandem)
  • IPES Enablement
  • Regulatory compliance

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IVY (Private Label CPaaS)

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Our cloud based Ivy software platform is a API-Centric, private-label Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) that enables resellers and integrators to sell SIP trunks and Hosted PBX functionality with integrations to best in class collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams. Partner resellers can on-board and provision services to new customers via the Ivy portal or API. Included with the CPaaS our partners have access to:

  • Advanced cloud based PBX functionality
  • Built-in engine that includes customizable billing, taxation, channel partner management and much more. 
  • Realtime provisioning of all services including domestic and International DIDs
  • e911 management including Kari's Law and Ray Baums Law
  • CRM portals for customer and partner performance management

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