Teliax provides the most modern implementation of originating and terminating access options in the industry. Are you at home in an IP environment or struggling to migrate? Teliax can not only help, we will make it more profitable and less expensive to perform access services and billing. How? We did not acquire bits and pieces of other companies and kludge them into a product. We built it all, from scratch, with forward-thinking technologies that “get it”. This is how it should be…a better way.

IP Peering

Teliax operates the industry’s only Toll-Free IPX that enables toll-free RespOrg ID based paid peering and settlement. Connect with dozens of carriers and enterprises directly. Get paid more for your outbound toll-free. Lowest cost of inbound toll-free. Fully automated; provision a SIP trunk and start exchanging traffic in 10 minutes.

Long Distance

Teliax has the most advanced LCR intelligence in the industry, designed entirely in-house with routing capability to more than 150 direct interconnections. Get high quality, competitively priced termination to the US with sophisticated ASR technology and low trouble ticket count. Teliax’s reliable connectivity moves more businesses ahead every day.

International Long Distance

Teliax connects the largest network of IXCs and LECs nationwide to hundreds of rural carriers, international PTT interconnections, and in-country carriers for the lowest cost routes in the world. Our volume of termination and close relationships with international partners translate to the most cost-effective pathways attainable to Latin America, Asia, and Europe.

Local Inbound

Teliax’s 100% redundancy and round-the-clock monitoring ensure uninterrupted service and independent call traffic management from Denver, New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles. We cover 99% of the US through our own CLEC tandem origination and by consolidating services from carefully screened regional CLEC partners. Teliax also provides Direct Inward Dialing (DIDs) and can activate numbers through our API as needed. Never miss a call again due to outages or quality issues.

Toll-Free Inbound

Don’t pay more when there’s a better way. As a registered CLEC with both Feature Group D (FGD) and Local Interconnect (LIS) tandem trunks in several US LATAs, Teliax calls are routed without resellers, keeping costs far lower than the rest. Our pricing is targeted and volume based on flexible billing formats: LRN, flat-rate, dialed number, LATA/OCN and other customizable options to suit your needs.

International Inbound

Buy virtual phone numbers in real-time and receive unlimited inbound calls from all over the world. Whether you need a provision phone number in London, Bogota or Mexico City, Teliax makes it happen with the convenience of routing each provision number through your existing hosted PBX system or SIP trunk. Looking for a way to track calls? Teliax can measure traffic and send the critical data you need in one customized solution.

8YY Compensation

Go with a CLEC that pays you back. With Teliax, carriers are entitled to cost recovery for calls to toll-free numbers originated by their customers and carried to the originating providers’ networks. Our in-house SIP trunking is specifically designed for billing other LECs for their customers’ toll-free numbers. Claimed compensation is carrier priced and based on the volume and funds recovered.

Tandem Services

Need a better solution for terminating or originating access? …one that doesn’t involve a lengthy RBOC or ILEC tariff and 50-year-old interconnection methodologies? We use modern solutions that make our network more resilient and more efficient. That means savings for IXCs, ILECs and CLECs. Talk with our regulatory knowledge center experts today about how we can help you form an effective PSTN interconnection strategy leveraging all aspects of your network.

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Whether you want to work with Teliax on referrals, stay involved in the entire sale alongside us, or completely private label your experience, we are here to help. Teliax’s core values are to create technology that delivers honest communication and we are happy to work with our partners to in a capacity that fits them best. To get started or for additional information, contact us by filling in the form found on this page.