Partner with Ivy and receive an entire suite of features at your fingertips. Sell both SIP trunks and Hosted PBX features to your customers, setting your own prices and creating unique plans for your business and let Ivy handle the billing. Check out our other great features below.

  • Billing
  • Taxes Due Calculation and remittance (For Ivy Services only)
  • Fraud Control
  • Scaling
  • The premise and hosted media GW
  • Global Proxying
  • All UC feature sets
  • Private Labeling
  • Corporate Branding
  • Provisioning
  • Customer Database Management
  • Comprehensive API
  • All the features you see here plus the business class solutions features

Your Business Your Branding

Customize the content and layout of the customer web applications.

Fraud Protection / Security

Your Clients

Role Management

Partner Administrator: Responsible for complete control and setup of an Ivy installation. Defines CSS look and feel for customer portal. Sets initial pricing on inventory items, packages and creates plans. The Partner Administrator has the ability to audit commissions and request payouts. They may also provide support to Customer for non-CPE issues (e.g., call routing).

Partner User: Primarily for Tier 1 customer support. Allows your support staff to review and log in to customers accounts to help with setup or troubleshooting. Nominal reporting and analysis feature set.

Customer Administrator: This is the primary Point of Contact. Sets up billing and configures the phone system (Partner may optionally choose to build the system initially and train the customer later). Customer Administrators invite end users (employees) to the system by entering their information in the dashboard.

Customer Users: Also known as end users or “seats”. Seats have access to their voicemail, their faxes, an optional conference bridge and can setup forwards or simultaneous ring groups on their DID. End users cannot make changes to the account that would have any billing impact.

Manage SIP Trunks / Configure Hosted PBX Systems

Role management – Separate permissions for an Administrative Partner and Role Specific Partner, such as reporting only.

Domain Support – Customers never leave your domain, even for SIP UA registration. Limitless billing flexibility – Setup up rates, packages and plans that suit your target customer market.


Hardware is not required to use Ivy. All that is needed is a SIP compatible client, which may be an IP phone, an ATA or a soft client. All customer premise based equipment is the Partners responsibility.

For partners who want to deploy a Bonsai node a dedicated host is required. Suitable hosts are widely varied. Teliax uses clusters built from IBM blade servers. However, we have deployed dedicated Bonsai nodes on hosts as small as a Raspberry Pi.