DENVER–Teliax, Inc. is pleased to announce its acceptance into the Associated Communication Companies of America, most commonly known as the ACCA. A full service IP communications provider based in Denver Colorado, Teliax gains a closer relationship to the well-regarded and established member companies of the ACCA telecommunications consortium, as well as, an expanded level of insight into current issues impacting the telecom industry’s trajectory.

“While we have maintained strong connections and business relationships with many ACCA members in our past, we are excited for the opportunity to join the ACCA and further build a closer relationship with the many great member companies. The opportunity to share industry knowledge with such an established group of companies will be a value asset to Teliax.” said David Aldworth

Founded in 1993, the ACCA, membership boasts some of the largest and most influential Telecommunication companies in the world. The ACCA is a conduit for its members to share information and resources regarding the latest technology and industry trends. The organization is a self-governing, nonprofit telecommunications consortium founded with, “the purpose of providing a forum for member companies to meet and share information and resources regarding the telecommunications industry.”

“The [ACCA] membership openly exchanges both technological and general business information so that each member can better compete in the telecommunications marketplace.”

Teliax, a global leader in voice innovation and intelligent business solutions since 2004, enables all businesses to communicate smarter and work together more efficiently. Its modern open-source technology is dedicated to creating fully supported and scalable platforms that are competitively priced to help companies enhance their capabilities and strengthen their brand. Teliax’s mission is to create technology that delivers honest communication. Learn more about Teliax’s innovative voice and trunking services, hosted PBX functionality and integrated invoicing and billing offerings at