Solving complex routing with next generation breakthrough technology

Sonus/Ribbon suffer from limited routing options that often just do not reflect the needs of today’s requirements. Teliax understands the problem and has developed the WARP Engine to address the requirements that are needed in today’s environment.

  • Cloud based Policy Routing
  • 8XX Toll-Free Origination
  • 8YY  Toll-Free Termination (reciprocal compensation)
  • US inbound DID
  • US termination (conversational and call-center)

Fully Cloud-Native Development
Teliax designed the WARP Engine as a fully cloud-native application in order to provide a robust, redundant system with virtually unlimited scalability.

Native connections to industry-standard data sources
The WARP Engine was built around multiple industry standards in order to provide an extremely flexible solution. The WARP Engine can do LRN lookups, LERG, CNAM quieries, CIC dips,and more

Minimize Downtime and Service Interruptions
The WARP Engine design and infrastructure allows for fast, reliable, and non-service impacting updates and deployments even during peak hours

The WARP Engine is designed for the future
Future functionality will include least-cost routing based on arbitrary parameters, a fully-featured administrative portal, traffic profile analytics, automated provisioning, and more.