Teliax provides telecommunications solutions to the commercial and carrier market that help customers control, scale and add value to their business through the use of our innovative, cloud-based software platforms and next generation network services. 

Carrier Services

Teliax is a nationwide CLEC (OCN 567G) with a Tier1 interconnected, facilities based network. Our subsidiary – Leap Telecom – is an FCC licensed Interconnected VoIP Provider (IPES OCN 616J).

We offer an array of services directly and through our diversified network, for a variety of carriers, MNO’s and service providers.

  • Competitive/Alternate Tandem Homing Service
  • IPX for Toll-Free Peering
  • Wholesale 8XX (PSTN inbound)
  • 8YY compensation (PSTN outbound)
  • Wholesale DID, LD, ILD and SD connectivity
  • Resp Org ID, CIC, LRN and CNAM API service

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Partner with Success

Our cloud based Ivy software platform is a API-Centric, private-label Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) that enables resellers and integrators to sell SIP trunks and Hosted PBX functionality with integrations to best in class collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams. Partner resellers can on-board and provision services to new customers via the Ivy portal or API. Included with the CPaaS our partners have access to:

  • Advanced cloud based PBX functionality
  • Built-in engine that includes customizable billing, taxation, channel partner management and much more. 
  • Realtime provisioning of all services including domestic and International DIDs
  • e911 management including Kari's Law and Ray Baums Law
  • CRM portals for customer and partner performance management

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Our private-label Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution is a could based turnkey platform for managing customer interactions, knowledge and processes across all systems, channels and resources. Based in the cloud, it offers an easy-to-use, full set of tools to optimize the customer experience and efficiency of your customers’ business.

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