Database and Signaling Services:

Our database services include telco data delivered in a modern API format for your billing, routing and feature applications. No more being stuck in a SS7 only environment. No more IPSEC requirements. There are better ways and we bring them to you.


Carrier Identification Code

Carrier Identification Code’s identify the IXC used to carry a call from the tandem to a toll-free subscriber or their carrier. Teliax can provide CIC database query services and deliver the data to you over several RESTful API methods, including HTTP(S), raw socket, SS7 TCAP or SIP 302.


Responsible Organization

A RespOrg “is a company which maintains the registration for individual toll-free telephone numbers in the distributed Service Management System/800 database. Their function in North American telephony is analogous to that of an individual registrar in the Internet’s Domain Name System.”

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